“Four Season Room” is a psychological horror thriller in which one’s sanctuary and place of refuge transforms into a nightmarish prison from which there is no escape. The story unfolds in the tourist town of Muskegon, Michigan, seemingly spanning its four seasons, though appearances can be deceiving.

Deontay, an African American Real Estate Broker, harbored a lifelong dream of breaking into the film industry. However, life had different plans for him. Currently, he primarily operates from the comfort of his home office.

Deontay is now on the verge of making it big in Real Estate Development, due to the success of his latest deal.

Deontay gets ready to leave his home to close the deal, yet when he walks from his porch to the front door, he’s suddenly prevented from leaving by an apparent supernatural force.

His sense of reality shattered during his imprisonment, he gradually comes to the haunting realization that his entrapment has extended over the course of a year, as marked by the passing of four seasons.

However, due to his fragmented, non-linear memories, he cannot be entirely certain of the passage of time.

Deontay finally comprehends that the key to his escape lies in acknowledging and accepting the grim reality of his situation as it becomes increasingly evident. This acceptance will ultimately empower him to break free and walk out of his front door.